Monday, March 06, 2006

Is it equal or not

That this world would moved forward in time when the people are made up of only men or only women.Life would then be so boring and by logic it is not worth to live on.The world would be square and there will not be any histories of mankind to remember with.That is why there are men and women, where women have different physical built and of different values.Women need to be given pleasures that come only from men and through this men-women relations, generations are created until today.Women cannot do with their own kind and the same with men, visa-versa.Just look at the nature of dogs and cats where they will always chase after the other, and also of cats and mouses.The same goes with the bees and pollens- where the pollen drops, a new tree will grow.So why are the women asked to be equal to men?!

This is Truth
People comes out to the world from their mother's genital-"hole".They grew up to become adults, only to find love from the same genital-"hole" for their spiritual satisfaction.When they finally die, they all will go back into the "hole"- which is in the ground-"earth", what is actually they are created from.

People Lived So Happily Ever After
People are like living in a 2 parallel Time Dimensions- one is a Normal/Real Time Dimension and the other is a DreamWorld Time Dimension.What people are going through life now happened to be because that the DreamWorld Time Dimension suddenly crossed into the Normal/Real Time Dimension.People seemed to live about their lives feeling so lucky and so happy until the end of their lives.This is based from the theory "Back to the Future" by Professor Christopher predicting that when this cross-over occurs, each people will get their own Journal Book of Sports Result to predict all their Lucky Winning Numbers plus a free video of a Polytechnic CheerLeader- "Do Everything For Sex".This journal can be request in a paperbag, hardcover or pocket-book version, comfortable and handy to carry around.This is why people wake up to see the sun every morning, feeling so happy so lucky and full of ideas getting about their business to do every fucking damn thing they just wanted to do.They know that anywhere they are, they will bound to see all the lucky winning numbers to put their bets on.It is just so easy for them to make money.

From Another Country, Come Here To Earn Money
We see many immigrants come to another country to work and earn money.They paid all of their expenses going through the process to migrate to another country.Having arrived and settled down in their hostels, the next day they are out on their feets working like a dog.During casual conversations with the local people who are also doing their jobs, these foreign workers talked about their very sad stories, putting on pityful facial expressions, having to work very long hours and doing at least two jobs.They said that they will not want to make any problems with the law.They all just want to earn money and go about their work, wanting the locals to understand their predicaments.Then, right in front of the local workers' eyes, they blatantly disregard the rules and regulations at their workplace which is the responsibilites of the local people whose duties are to uphold these laws.These foreigners could be doing their official jobs but at the same time, they would be doing other jobs; like we are watching a very scary Freddy Krueger's movie- "Nightmare on Elms Street"; a scary dream inside another scary dream.They will swear with these words-"Better to kill two, three or four birds with a single stone", meaning they will use every means just to make money, without considering if it is legal or not.Would you be taken in for a ride with these immigrants' very sentimental, touchy story?

Do You Really Worth So Much?!
When you walk into the building waiting for the lift to go up to the office, do you really wish that you are worth so much than the other person at the counter? That you are like a super-large passenger cruiseship or a supertanker where you can fill up everything inside right down to the bottom compare to the other who are like a personal family yatch.Would you face a disaster like the "Titanic" where you will sink right to the very deep bottom of the sea; only to be found thousands of years later at a very far distant away from the actual spot sunk? How would you feel if you walk through a security sensor when you have everything on your body and you have to take out every single item each time the security alarm beeps? You have to answer when asked why you have so many items on your body and holding up other people from passing through.Like a historian digging up an artifact, he will not have to work so hard digging up the grounds.Shortly later he will find the artifact and with proper research and studies, he could tell the date of the artifact.Not like digging for treasures where you will go through all the life-threatening Adventures of Indiana Jones and you feel yourself so amazed in wonder how you can still be in one whole piece, just to get that one treasure.

Let's Talk Real In Real World Sense
People must work like a dog, squeeze shits out of their body and become totally crazy to make lots of money.Just look at how they can plan out their budgets, present it in parliaments, across the boardrooms and in conference/meeting rooms.People just can come up with full of ideas to make lots of money using other people's money.You better believe when people say you can even make "Heaven" with money, pre-ordered literally!Real people talk face to face, see the words come out from another person's mouth and listen to believe.It is more realistic when you speak to an opposite sex as there will be strong magnetic attraction and bound to get attention.You can speak opposite the table in the beginning but when it gets really serious and business-like, you can do it in hotel rooms, gambling houses and even prostitute's room.When you talk about making "Heaven" with money, people really can make it picture-perfect with castles-in-the-clouds, beautiful couples, cars, trains, handphones- everything similar to what this world have.The only thing that is not real or logic, is the sizes and proportions.There were news that many people commit mass suicides to get to their "Heavens" but they were so pityful as they were not told to pre-order their own "Heavens".People are now so lucky that today, the time are so peaceful and prosperous that there are plenty of money in their many bank accounts, so they can even pre-order their perfectly desired "Heavens".Yes,it is very real that "Heaven" also is made available in pre-order.

Just To Show A Little Appreciation
You prepare all the necessary items as what you have been told and you start to do step by step, always being mindful of all the superstitions and badluck if you do it wrongly like proper positioning, the direction to face and the time.All these you do by the roadside without sensitivity to the public around you who can be of very different faith from you.You feel that you are the luckiest person as God has given to you a business or a shop to make lots of money, so you think you have every right to show to people how you did to become rich.Now that this is the time of modern science and technologies, with computers making everything fast and automatic.But somehow there is a spiritual sense that you have to show a little appreciation to God, the Creator.Being born into this time, feeling that you are so intelligent yet still you have to follow the ways of the ancient people to show a little appreciation to God, is totally nonsense and illogical.When you get to do everything with your lives, without a bother to anyone or anybody to tell what you cannot do.And you are just satisfied with yourself with how you show a little appreciation to God?!

I Belong Among The Good
You heard about The One who only do good especially at his workplace but among your friends, sitting for many long hours at the coffeshop, all would just agree that it is another sad example of many examples that happened to The One.You and your friends are only happy to be your ownselves and everyone will give the common excuse that they don't ask for this life.Yet, everyone would have full of ideas to do just about everything each day and enjoy doing them.They feel that they are just so lucky to have friends at the coffeshops, who can help them get more money.But these friends are only gangsters and triad members who in their mind, will only Cheat people and Use their money to make even more money for themselves.But you and most people still believed them because they are also illegal bookies, illegal peddlers, loansharks, and pimps.They can get more monies for you because they are so smart to have insider connections who can give forecasts to the winning numbers or horse-races.Still you and your friends swear that all of you are good people who are just so happy and so lucky to sit with these Bloody Bastards!!!

Talk Is The Way To Cheer People
You can talk from sunrise until it is late at night to go to sleep, to have conversations with people at your neighbourhood, at work and at coffeeshops.This way, you feel you can cheer people and make them happy with your jokes and everyone can live happy-go-lucky until they die.At the same time, people will always think of the Spirits in the Spirit World as they can give them lucky numbers so that they can live with so much money.The better a person can talk, the more popular he will become.So the time will eventually come when such popular people die.The Spirits already knew and are so excited, anticipating the occassion to welcome them into the Spirit World.This is the time the Spirits would like to see these people face to face, to tell them that they are the ones who gave them all the lucky numbers to let them make so much money.As when they were alive, these people did not get to see the Spirits in physical shape.Since these people when they were alive, were popular, the Spirits now will have the chance to listen to their talk.They have all the time to talk about how they use the money they make from lucky numbers to live their lives and share the same jokes to laugh with the Spirits.Imagine such stupid, idiot, stinking creatures of an animal kind, thinking that they can make other creatures happy?!

The True Story of Lucky
There live one community of about 10 families.They all truely worship their Gods whom they believe make them all lucky in life.Then one day, one family's prayers was granted by God and the family won the lottery.Now that the family has already been granted their prayers, the man of the family starts to think what to do with the money.He can now provides his wife with more expensive jewelleries to show-off, he can provide his children the best education to get the best social status in the the community and he can even provides himself with a few more wives from other communities to satisfy his lust.He can also provide his own community with a beautiful grand temple so that more from his community can get lucky but that cannot be as God has already given one in the community.The lucky family has to provide every individual in the community, a part of their good fortune, where the other nine families need not do anything as they were not made more lucky than the other.This is just an example when God only make one family lucky in money alone and there are so many unaccountable ways that God make one lucky; like intelligence, wisdom, leadership, knowledge, honour, courage, charisma, talents, artistics, various life-skills etc.When you put this story into the big picture of civilization, you will realise what a bloody mess of world histories the mankind made.And surely expected, the day will come God asks everyone:"What the heck have you done to the world?!" Somehow, there is a similarity with the story of Jesus Christ, who asked God to take away the burdens from his believers to put on him.And God delivers his request, every year on his anniversary.The story explains how pityful, stupid idiot the human creature is, to demand for something when they cannot carry the responsibilities that come with it !